Current Show: Time Travelers, those who have been somewhere else.
The Artists' Gallery, 4 East Church Street, Frederick, Maryland
March 28 – April 27
Opening Reception: April 5, 5 to 8:30pm
Gallery Hours: 12 to 5pm Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

We are hot-wired to recognize the human face wherever it may appear. In the clouds, in a stone veneer, or in a stain on the carpet. Sometimes these likenesses can seam strikingly realistic but most often a little imagination is needed to make the leap. In this series of paintings Chris brings to life moments of time that are universally recognized expressions of the human experience. Starting with broad strokes of acrylic paint, detail is added to reveal more clearly what, Chris says, "is already there."

These are the faces, the expressions, the emotions we all encounter on our lifelong journeys through space and time. Though they may not appear to be exactly human at first glance they inspire an introspective reflection that makes us pause and recognize ourselves in someone else's pain, pleasure, or indifference.

We are all, in fact, Time Travelers. We have all been somewhere else. Our unique individual journeys have made us all a little bit different, but all of us share a common attraction to the human face and we can all determine the intention of even a most subtle expressive efforts.

Come see this show. Your perspective is important since you are the only representive of your point of view.