We live in a wasteful society. Everything is disposable. Obsolescence is an accepted consequence of our relentless quest for progress. Much of what we discard in our everyday lives can take on new meaning when we are forced to look at it from a different perspective.

My assemblage paintings and three dimensional objects are made from contemporary artifacts of our time and aside from being fun and thought provoking they are relics of our current condition. At the very least my artwork is an excuse to preserve some very ordinary things of modern society and to recycle some junk that would otherwise end up in a landfill or get incinerated into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Art enlightens and entertains our intellectual need to document our existence, real or imagined. The process of transforming undesirable items into desirable ones is very exciting to me. I like the idea that art can come from almost anything. Even garbage. By calling attention to something ordinary a piece of art can create the illusion that we do care about being part of a fleeting culture that holds little regard for the wake it leaves in time. Time seems to slow down for me when the creative process is ignited and followed to it’s conclusion. The resulting product of that process reveals a paradox that transcends both time and creation.

All of my work is made from or painted on discarded artifacts of a wasteful culture that continues to provide an abundance of material.

Does what we leave behind define who we are?

I never get tired of seeing people smile when they walk into a room full of my artwork. There’s a sense of discovery for all ages and I learn something from each and every person I talk to about what the art inspires in them.

Chris Noel